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Published Work


Foglifter Journal Volume 5 Issue 1, Two Poems

Washington Square Review Issue 44, "Self-Portrait with Antipsychotics"

Salamander Magazine Issue 49, Two Poems

River Styx Issue 99, "Medusa in the Garden"

Archive of Longings: Poems inspired by the work of Diana Al-Hadid, "On Longing at the Diana Al-Hadid Exhibit"

all things tonight are cyclic, "Beatitudes" and "Four of Swords"

The Allegheny Review, "Portrait of a Body Swimming or Drowning" and "Hymnal, Thassos"

The Healing Muse, "The Universe Built by Birds"

Nimrod International Journal, "Two States of Mind in Me"


Muzzle Magazine, "Self-Portrait with Mirror and History Book" and "Intruder"

Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, "Self-Portrait in Winter"

Third Point Press, "Paean to a Statue of Headless Athena" and "Self-Portrait as Odysseus"


Book Reviews

Shō Poetry Journal Audio Feature, "Meditation on Longing"


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