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Recent Publications

Booth Issue 18, "An Abridged Lecture on Madness", "Self-Portrait with Mirror and Window"

Gulf Coast Journal Issue 34.2, "Aubade or Nocturne"

Shō Poetry Journal, "Meditation on Longing"

Bennington Review, "Broken Prophecy on Reduplication" and "Another Freight Passes the Puget Sound"

Print Poems

Foglifter Journal Volume 5 Issue 1, Two Poems

Washington Square Review Issue 44, "Self-Portrait with Antipsychotics"

Salamander Magazine Issue 49, Two Poems

River Styx Issue 99, "Medusa in the Garden"

Online Poems

Muzzle Magazine, "Self-Portrait with Mirror and History Book" and "Intruder"

Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, "Self-Portrait in Winter"

Third Point Press, Two Poems

Book Reviews

Poetry Northwest, "The Plain Became My Hunger's Home"

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